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Slots’ Fairness: How to Check the Validity of Slot Games

Today we want to share with you some helpful tips on how to check the validity of slot games.  It’s sad that every so often, people get scammed. From buying fake iPhones, TVs, windowpanes, the list is endless. 

Validity of Slot GamesIn the same way, the gambling industry has been dealing with fake slots for the longest time. Slots hold a really huge market share, and there are so many of them that scam slots cannot be visible at first glance in this wide diversity. But for seasoned players, it’ll be easier to detect changes in graphics, sound, or paytable and distinguish a fake from the real one. For a new player, however, such changes could go unnoticed.

In this guide, we offer some workable tips on ways you can detect fake slots and avoid getting scammed.


Check the Paytable and the Rules

One of the red flags you need to look out for is the paytable discrepancy. If you’ve played that specific game before, it’ll be easier to notice any difference.  The best action, in this case, is opening 2 paytables so you can make comparisons. Check the symbols, positioning, values, bonus descriptions, pay values, and colors. If all these don’t match, it’s likely that one is fake.

Also, as you go through the rules, you may notice some omissions or variations in the text. Maybe it’s a question mark that is missing or the font is different.  If any of these looks different, the slot is most likely a fake. You don’t have to play a fake when there are thousands of legit slots that pay real money.

Validity of Slot GamesMake Notice of Poor Graphics

Just like a pirated movie, a fake slot will have very poor graphics. For instance, if the resolutions are full of glitches or the animation is not as crispy as it should, the slot could be fake.

Also, if the sound is not as good as it usually is, that is most likely not a real slot. Just like you can tell that a product is fake due to poor quality, so are fake slot games.

Game Downloading

Most slot games have both a download and an instant play version. Now, when you choose to download the slot, be very careful to avoid getting redirected to other servers.

You need to ensure that the server address is the same as all other games. To know if the server address is authentic, right-click the webpage, then choose the ‘view code’ option. If the server is different, the slot machine is most likely not valid.  Remember, if you’re not careful, you may click on a spam link and put your security at risk.

Ensure the Casino Is Licensed

Validity of Slot Games

One of the surest ways of protecting yourself from stumbling onto fake slots is playing in a legit casino. You can check at the bottom of the casino’s website to verify if the casino is licensed. Curacao, Malta, Giblartar, UK gambling commissions are considered the best in this area.

Though it’s not a complete guarantee of the slots’ validity, it is an assurance that the casino is legal. If you’re not sure that the casino is legal, you can’t guarantee the validity of the slot games too.

Here are ways a casino and slot developers guarantee slots’ fairness:

  • Rigorous Offline Testing: After a slot is designed, the developer will take it through rigorous testing. At the end of the tests, analyze the results to ensure that everything, including the payout, is in order.
  • Slot Verification: The testing of a slot’s validity does not stop with the developer. Before the pre-launch, the game will be tested by an independent lab to ensure it is fair.

You can check a certification logo on a casino’s homepage which is an assurance of fair gaming.

  • Ongoing Slot Testing: To ensure that you enjoy fair gaming all year round, the casino conducts regular testing for all slot machines through an independent body.

If there’s no proof that the slot has been proven as fair by an independent body, stay away from it.

Consider the Loading Screen

If you are an experienced player, you’ll find it very easy to identify discrepancies in a slot by checking the screen. For instance, it’ll be very easy to recognize fake RTG slots by simply checking out the loading screen.

Unfortunately for new players, it’ll be hard to tell a fake slot by checking the loading screen. But you can still notice some few glitches while the game is loading. 

Stay Safe, Play Safe

Besides getting your due rewards after winning a slot game, it’s only fair that your security is guaranteed. Check out the reviews from past players and any reputable recommendations. 

You can begin by playing the demo and if you feel anything is amiss, log off. Remember, your safety and fair treatment comes first.

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