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Fashion in the Casino: Films vs. Reality

As online casinos continue to gain popularity, fashion in the casino is equally a hot topic, especially when heading to a land-based casino is an increasingly sought-after option.

However, there’s a stark difference between what you wear to play poker at home (e.g. your pajamas) and what you wear to visit a real-life casino. Equally, there’s often a stereotype that casinos have strict dress codes in place, demanding a glamorous, luxurious and elaborate style – rather like you’d see in a film.

So how do you make sure you’re dressed right for the casino without going too over the top?

Below, we’ll discuss how fashion in the casino differs from films and how you can achieve the right look while adhering to the casino’s policies.

Famous Casino Scenes with Fashionably Fabulous Film Stars

One of the most famous casino films of all times is Casino itself. Providing mob culture with an ultra-glamorous makeover, this film depicted the gambling, greed and money involved in 1970s Las Vegas. However, the star of the show was, unquestionably, Sharon Stone who played an ex-trophy wife, Ginger McKenna. The 70s wardrobe Stone wore was created by Rita Ryack, a renowned costume designer, and she put together a whopping 30 different costumes for the 178-minute film.

From go-go boots and sequined gowns to glamorous furs, you name it, Stone wore it. Thankfully, however, you don’t need multiple costume changes, your own fashion designer and expensive gowns to rock the casino look today.

Dressing for the Modern-Day Casino

While some of the most famous casinos around the world, e.g. the Bellagio, still welcome top-to-toe glamour and elaborate outfits (amongst others) – this isn’t a stipulation in many modern-day casinos.

Rather, women can wear whatever they feel comfortable in, so long as it fits in with the casino’s dress code. This could be the old faithful (the Little Black Dress) or a vibrant cocktail dress; or it may be smart trousers and an elegant blouse or a maxi dress. Dressier styles are normally favored

Bellagio photo

Photo by leppre

but this doesn’t mean you have to be dripping in diamonds and wearing high-end labels. Instead, it’s all about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing, exuding your own style and personality while you’re at it.

Overall, the ultimate thing to remember when you’re heading to a casino for a night out, is not how the film stars look but how you can create an outfit from your wardrobe that meets the dress code of the casino. Always check this out before you head there so you can make sure your fashion in the casino is completely in fitting with the style requirements they stipulate (but don’t worry, these aren’t as rigid and stuffy as you may think!).

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