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Tracee Ellis Ross: The Perfect Best Friend

Tracee Ellis Ross has been one of America’s favorite girlfriends since she starred on a show of the same name. Girlfriends was a hit and made Ross a household name. Her character Joan was smart, educated, vulnerable, and fun. The show taught a lot of people about the importance of female friendship and support. Now, Ross is back as Rainbow in ABC’s new hit comedy Black-ish and we thought what better way to celebrate than to make a list of five reasons Ross would be the perfect best friend.  

  1.  She’s hilarious.

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The best thing I did in 2014 was follow Ross on Instagram. Instagram is where she debuted her rapping alter ego T-Murda. T-Murda dissects the meaning of your favorite rap lyrics and then raps them flawlessly. She’s so good that she got the attention of Drake. He was so enamored by her rapping skills on one of his songs that he said he wanted to marry her and followed her on Instagram.

  1.  She’s fashionable.

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Ross wears the cutest clothes and her magazine covers prove it. However, she’s not afraid of vintage and a good deal. Check out her YouTube channel where she talks about her favorite vintage pieces and shows you ways to remove stains and wash your favorite pieces.

  1.  Her hair!!!

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Her hair has been behind many memes and discussions because it is gorgeous, obviously. The best thing about Ross’s hair though is that while she is so grateful to the people who love and admire it, she spends a lot of time trying to help women, especially women of color, love the hair that they have and celebrate it, too. She asked fans to share the reasons why they love their hair on her YouTube channel.

  1.  The characters she plays are just as badass as she is.

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Ross is a wonderful actress. She can be emotional, dramatic, and so funny. I will never not love her character Joan from Girlfriends, the wonderfully driven, sensitive, and caring Joan who was often flawed, but loved fiercely by her best friends and she always made sure to give that love in return.
Now, we get to see her as Rainbow, the fierce, loving and hilarious mother on ABC’S Blackish airing Wednesdays at 9pm EST. Rainbow is a matriarch and a doctor whom, despite her busy schedule seems to keep the family in check at all times while bailing her husband Andre played by the equally hilarious Anthony Anderson, out of hot water with his hijinks.

  1.  Her mom is Diana Ross.

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I refuse to believe that I am the only one who has envisioned having Sunday tea with Ross and the queen Diva herself… I refuse. Can you take a moment to imagine the girl power? The wisdom? The laughter? No wonder, Ross is so great! She really had no other choice with a true legend as her mom.
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