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Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, Married?

Comic book buffs alike and those who follow the superhero franchise closely are well aware of the newest action hero to come to the big screen, Supergirl! The highly sought after role is filled by noneother than Glee star Melissa Benoist – or should we say Jenner?
According to sources, Benoist, 26, has secretly been married to her former costar Blake Jenner for several months. The ceremony was small and intimate, with a gather of the closest relatives and loved ones. The couple honeymooned in Europe for a few days after the ceremony.
The couple met on the set of Glee when Benoist played Marley Rose and Jenner the winner on Oxygen’s Glee Project played her puppy lovesick friend Ryder Lynn in 2013. They announced their engagement a year later and were apparently married in March.
Benoist says the wedding was “small and intimate and nice.”
After this past weekend at San Diego’s Comic Con, fans noticed a small silver band on her left hand. After much investigating, Benoist did confirm her nuptials.
Benoist claims the first time they connected was during Glee‘s take on Grease. The two actors had a rehearsel for a musical number and hit it off. Within a year, the two were engaged, and now happily married.
Benoist has said before that “the chemistry experienced between Ryder and Marley isn’t acting.”
Needless to say many “Gleeks” are ecstatic at the news that the two former costars are officially wed, especially after the tragic loss of Corey Monteith in 2013. It looks like the two are head over heels in love with a bright future ahead of them!
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