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Natalie Shay Struggles With Temptation in New Single “Owe It To You”

Though she idolized Taylor Swift and dreamed of a life in music, Natalie Shay never thought of pursuing music as her full-time professional career – until she began attending The BRIT School. With raw and honest lyrics, Shay never shies away from sharing her personal life in her music. In her latest single, “Owe It To You,” she comes to terms with the obvious end of her relationship while struggling with thoughts of someone else. Natalie can’t wait for the release of her upcoming EP, NAKED. In the meantime, you might be able to run into her on Club Penguin. Stream “Owe It To You” HERE.

Cliché: Who were your musical idols growing up?

Natalie Shay: Taylor swift!! All the way. She was definitely one of the main reasons I started all this in the first place. 

What did you learn about yourself as an artist from your time at the BRIT School?

I learnt that this is something I could just go for after finishing school. without going to Brit I never would’ve had the confidence to just go for a music career full time at 18. I’ve also made friends for life that I continue to use in all of my projects

Talk about your new single, “Owe It To You.”

 This song is from personal experience. It’s about being in a dying relationship, finding yourself thinking about others and resisting temptation. The song is about the realisation that this might be time for you to walk away as these aren’t the best things to be feeling. I wrote it with my talented writer/ producer friend Kaity Rae.

How do you deal with the struggle to resist temptation in a relationship?

Write a song about it and hope for the best. 

What would you say is the biggest challenge of modern dating?

Time management and balancing life. Finding the time to spend quality time with someone away from busy, fast moving work / social life.

What advice would you have for someone who has maybe lost the spark in their current relationship or is struggling with attraction to someone else?

I’m no relationship guru, but I would always say make sure you’ve tried everything before you give up, then realise your self worth and accept and be grateful for any experiences. 

What is it about the 80s that you find so appealing in terms of musical inspiration?

I love how exciting and interestingly unique the production is. Anything that keeps the ear interested and gripped.

You recently promoted your new song with a clever homemade Club Penguin lyric video! Are you playing a lot of Club Penguin during quarantine?

Oh my god every single day, my username is igalpigel which is literally the same username I had when I was 9, maybe you’ll catch me waddling about, say hi, keep an eye out.

 What can you tell us about your upcoming EP, NAKED?

Really proud of it, it’s exactly what I wanted my debut EP to be like. All of the songs lyrically are very real, some deeper than others, I hope it works as a good introduction to me and the music I have to come 🙂 

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Natalie Shay Struggles With Temptation in New Single “Owe It To You.” Photo Credit: Caili Shea.