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Bands Interviewing Bands: Forts Like Vana and Major Moment

For this installment of Bands Interviewing Bands we’ve brought together Nashville’s Forts Like Vana (RIYL: The 1975, Jon Bellion ) and Boston’s Major Moment (RIYL: 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, and Muse).

When a brand new band’s debut song amasses over 35,000 Spotify streams in under four months, you know something special is happening. Such is the case with Nashville pop/rock starlets Forts Like Vana. New to the scene, they’re already making serious waves locally and beyond with their infectiously catchy new EP, This + This = That, and its explosive first single “Love You Right”.

On the East Coast, Major Moment is making waves of their own as they gear up to release their September 7th release, One Small stEP,  a record of various strong topics, including relationship, perspective, and loss. With acclaimed producer Kevin Billingslea and six-time Grammy Winner Adam Ayan on board, the band considers the record to be their greatest accomplishment yet. What makes the record even more special, is its dedication to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, one of the band’s biggest inspirations. One Small StEP features a #makechesterproud tagline, and it shows that Major Moment is the genuine and caring group of people that they hope to be remembered as.

Check out the bands interviewing one another below.

Forts Like Vana: How did you guys come together?

Sasha: It was a process… many people didn’t survive, some joined unexpectedly, it was a fun ride. We actually go over those personal “little steps” that got us together in our upcoming EP, so you’re in for something really special!

Major Moment: What’s the inspiration behind your This + This = That EP’s artwork and title?

FLV: The title was something that just randomly came out of one of our mouths one day. I don’t think there’s really any story behind it. Seems like everyone justifies their band names or album names with some deep underlying message. We just thought it sounded fitting!

The artwork was inspired by the sound. The concept came up one day and we all started running with it. We took the idea to one of our favorite artists and she absolutely crushed it.

Forts Like Vana: Your easiest song to write/record?

Andrey (MM): “What It’s Like”.

Adam: For sure. “Before It’s Too Late” came together very quickly as well. It was a total joy putting those two together.

Andrey: … says a man who DIDN’T have to spend 3.5 hours in the vocal booth trying to mimic an American accent.

Sasha & Gabriel: “Before It’s Too Late”.


Major Moment: Do you write songs more from spontaneous emotions or from theory standpoint?

Logan (FLV): We always write when the moment hits us. Sometimes that means an entire song pops out of our heads and other times we might just get a riff or a melody idea and we run with it. But if it feels like we are forcing something that isn’t naturally happening then we walk away from it until it comes back. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be you know?

Forts Like Vana: What has been your favorite city and/or venue to play in so far? 

Andrey (MM): We have a limited touring history thus far, but it doesn’t mean it’s not interesting! We are playing in Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA on July 6th. It’s been one of my favorite venues to see gigs at. So many great memories. So we’re definitely looking forward to playing this show.

Also worth mentioning that there was a gig in Moscow, in the studio of one of the biggest and oldest newspapers in Russia «Вечерняя Москва» (“Nighttime Moscow”), that was filmed and broadcasted live. Unfortunately it was offered on such short notice that due to visa restrictions, only I was able to go and perform, with the help of session musicians. However, it was such a surreal and interesting experience, that it will definitely make the cut as one of the most memorable gigs.

Major Moment: What is your dream gig / venue?

FLV (Logan): Madison Square Garden is such an iconic venue. I’ve wanted to play there since I was like 8.

Diego: Times Square on New Year’s Eve would be insane.

Forts Like Vana: Do you have a “band favorite” song to play live? 

Major Moment: “What It’s Like”!

Major Moment: You recently released a music video for “Love You Right”. Tell us more about that right way of loving someone, your ultimate definition of love.

FLV (Logan): If you follow exactly what we say in the song then you will be able to love someone the FLV way. But at the end of the day it’s your life and you need to love someone right the way you think is right.


You can only bring 1 backpack on tour. What do you pack in it?

MM (Sasha): I guess I have to answer this question, since I’m the one to pack all the stuff every time we go somewhere. And we are yet to pack for our first tour, so it’s not an easy question. Wait, 1 backpack?! I hope we’re going to Cali or something, because otherwise we’re screwed! Okay, laptop, some clothes, sunglasses, my cosmetic bag (it’s not big), headphones… that’s it. We don’t have any mascots (maybe yet?). And we don’t need much to have a blast!

Major Moment: Name the albums you’d take with you on a desert island.

FLV (Diego): Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Modest Mouse) and Easy Skanking in Boston ‘78 (Bob Marley & The Wailers).

Logan: Definitely have to go with Appetite for Destruction (Guns N’ Roses), Songs About Jane (Maroon 5), Take This to Your Grave (Fall Out Boy), and A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (Panic! At the Disco).

Nito: Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park), Candy Shop, and Starboy (The Weeknd).

Derek: Let It Bleed (The Rolling Stones), Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith), War & Leisure (Miguel), and Dark Sky Paradise (Big Sean).

Forts Like Vana: When and where can we find Major Moment’s music? 

Major Moment: We’re getting ready to unleash our music to the world…. soon. Our debut EP will be publicly available on 09/07/18, and there will be two singles and a very special song released prior to that. Please follow us on social media to hear about all the exciting news!

Major Moment: Do you have songs written for your next release already, or when do you think will be a good time to write them?

FLV (Logan): Oh yes! We have a ton of new tunes that we’re excited about and we are going to play some of them on our July tour to see how they go. We’re really pumped about that!

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Bands Interviewing Bands: Forts Like Vana (top) photo credit:Daniela Dominguez. Major Moment (bottom) photo credit: Kevin Donnelly.

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