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Chucky Set To Slash Up The Small Screen In “Child’s Play: The TV Series”

By now, everyone familiar with horror movies knows who Chucky, the killer doll, is. He made his first appearance in the original Child’s Play, has since appeared in numerous other franchise films and become somewhat of a pop-culture icon because of it. Now, however, Chucky is making the jump to a new forum, television.


Don Mancini, the franchise’s creator, recently tweeted a teaser for the Child’s Play series currently in development. The teaser doesn’t provide much in terms of context but it does confirm the project’s production. At the same time, this teaser raises tons of questions about what the series will hold. Check it out below:

The first major concern is which actors will be cast in the Child’s Play series. Brad Dourif will obviously return to voice Chucky but he’s the only one we can count on—that is unless a new actor replaces Dourif. He’s been playing the killer doll for thirty years and could be about time to call it quits. Of course, his IMDB credits say otherwise.

Apart from Douriff, the Child’s Play TV series will likely recruit veterans of the franchise to join him as well. Alex Vincent seems like a plausible candidate, especially after his stellar performance in Cult Of Chucky. Vincent portrayed Andy Barclay in three other installments but really made an impression in the latest film. That said, his latest performance should give the producers enough reason to recruit him for the series, too.

As far as other casting goes, Fiona Dourif and Jeniffer Tilly seem like ideal prospects as well. Fiona played a pivotal role in Cult Of Chucky and her character was ultimately set up for a dark-arc in the concluding moments of the movie. She also joined Tiffany (Tilly) in those final seconds which could feasibly be the bridge into the upcoming television series. There’s been no word of a new cinematic installment so perhaps Cult Of Chucky was the last before a transition into television. Though, we won’t know until Mancini speaks on the matter more.

In addition to the cast, the other major concern with the Child’s Play series is what the plot will be about. It’ll obviously center around Chucky being a slasher as usual but we don’t know if the series will build up to discovering Chucky’s identity as the killer or if it’ll follow Chucky’s exploits from his point of view—or if the series will reboot the franchise altogether. Any of these scenarios seem plausible at the moment so there’s no way to tell for sure. But if Child’s Play: The TV Series is a continuation of the film franchise as we expect, the series will likely follow different people as they’re possessed by Chucky.

Regardless, the Child’s Play TV series should bring in a good number of viewers in any case. The franchise’s cult following only continues to grow and doesn’t appear to be stopping. That may change further down the line but for now, Chucky is one horror icon that’s here to stay.

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