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The Inside Scoop with Selling Sunset Star Romain Bonnet

After two successful seasons, Selling Sunset returns August 7th. Star Romain Bonnet talks to us today about everything from season three, to married life, to how he feels about all the drama. Read on for the inside scoop! 

Maya: Selling Sunset has been a huge hit. How has the success of the show impacted your life?

Romain: So far so good. We get recognized quite a bit each time we are going out of LA and so far, got a lot of love from people watching it. 

M: You’ve transitioned from pastry chef to model, and now you’re moving into the real estate game. What led you to make this change. How has the transition been?

Photographed by Shawn Chavez

R: I came here as a pastry chef and also modeled, but it didn’t go the way I thought it would. Obviously, I was still modeling but it wasn’t enough, and I needed something more. 

Being around the Ogroup made me start something I never even thought about it and I started to really like it. I’m thankful that these people, that I can call family now, gave me the chance to prove myself. Working right now as a project manager remodeling houses and condos, as a model and obviously in the show…. I’m working like crazy between all of this, but I just love it and love the fact that I get to challenge myself every single day. 

M: At the end of season 2, viewers got to see you and main realtor Mary Fitzgerald, get married. Now that you are entering the real estate industry, what does this mean for your relationship and the show in season 3? 

R: Well we have plans with Mary to work together. Could be a better duo between us two. We are planning on flipping houses really soon. Mary will take care of getting good deals and selling and me, remodeling it. Can’t wait for our first project and to see how far we can get together.


M: How has married life been? What plans do you and Mary have for the future? 

Photographed by Shawn Chavez

R: We have been just slammed with work, both of us. Having completely different schedules, it has been hard to spend time together and with COVID-19 stopping us from being able to travel or even go to our honeymoon. Definitely looking forward to being able to travel again and spend some quality time together after all this crazy time with work.

M: We all saw the drama play out between you and Davina during season 2. What’s your relationship like now?

R:  I’m someone really straight forward and do not let anyone toxic or negative presence in my life. I didn’t have anything against her before and once I saw the real her, I definitely did not want her anywhere in my life. Once I flip the switch it is over and won’t come back on it. Someone that can do that and is supposed to be your friend are nothing, but bad people, and I rather make it stop right away.

M: The question on all our minds: How are you so cool about Jason and Mary’s friendship?!

R: I know a lot of people have been wondering, but fortunately, I got super close with Jason right away to a point that I would never worry or be jealous of them. I, myself, am best friends with one of my exes. As long as neither of them ever makes me feel disrespected or feel like I have to worry, I’m totally fine with it. To be honest, if I didn’t get as close to Jason as I am today it could have been a bigger problem, but definitely not now.

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