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10 Celebrities with Good Poker Playing Skills

Matt Damon in attendance for 2010 Ante Up for Africa Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV July 3, 2010. Photo By: MORA/Everett Collection

You won’t believe which Hollywood stars have a secret talent for poker!

As poker continues to gain popularity around the world, it’s not just professional players who are trying their hand at the game. Many celebrities have also been known to enjoy playing poker and have even participated in high-stakes tournaments.  Before we dive into the world of top celebrities with poker playing skills, it’s important to first understand the laws and regulations surrounding the game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, knowing the rules is essential to enjoying the game to its fullest. 

While poker is legal in many parts of the world, the laws can vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. For instance, in the United States, online poker is only legal in a handful of states, and the laws can be complex and confusing. is one of the best sources of information on the current state of laws and regulations for online poker in the US and not only.  Understanding these regulations is crucial not only for staying on the right side of the law but also for playing the game in a safe and responsible manner. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the top celebrities who have shown impressive skills at the poker table.

Top 10 Celebrities with poker-playing skills.

  1. Ben Affleck: The actor, director, and screenwriter is known for his love of poker. He has won several high-stakes tournaments and has even played in the World Series of Poker. Affleck is a regular at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles and is known for his aggressive playing style.
  2. Tobey Maguire: Best known for his role as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man franchise, Maguire is also an accomplished poker player. He has won several tournaments, including the Phil Hellmuth Invitational, and is known for his analytical approach to the game.
  3. Jennifer Tilly: The actress and voice-over artist has been playing poker for over a decade and has won several tournaments, including the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event. Tilly is known for her aggressive playing style and has been featured in several poker documentaries.
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  4. Michael Phelps: The Olympic swimmer is not just a champion in the pool. He has also proven to be a skilled poker player, having participated in several high-stakes tournaments. Phelps is known for his calm demeanor at the poker table, which has earned him the nickname “The Ice Man.”
  5. Kevin Hart: The comedian and actor is a regular on the poker circuit and has even hosted his own poker tournament, the “Kevin Hart Poker Championship.” Hart is known for his boisterous personality and is a favorite among fans and players alike.
  6. Matt Damon: The actor and screenwriter is a frequent player at the World Series of Poker and has even co-written a screenplay about the game, titled “Rounders.” Damon is known for his strategic approach to the game and has even been credited with popularizing poker among Hollywood A-listers.
  7. Shannon Elizabeth: The actress and former fashion model is a regular on the poker circuit and has won several tournaments, including the NBC National Heads-Up Championship. Elizabeth is known for her aggressive playing style and has been featured in several poker-themed television shows.
  8. Neymar Jr.: The Brazilian soccer superstar is not just a skilled athlete. He is also a talented poker player and has even participated in high-stakes tournaments. Neymar is known for his aggressive playing style and has even been featured in a poker-themed commercial for PokerStars.
  9. Aaron Paul: The actor, best known for his role in the television series “Breaking Bad,” is also a skilled poker player. He has participated in several tournaments and has even hosted his own charity poker tournament, the “Aaron Paul Poker Tournament.”
  10. Dan Bilzerian: The social media personality and professional poker player is known for his lavish lifestyle and high-stakes poker games. Bilzerian is a regular at the World Series of Poker and has even won several tournaments. He is known for his aggressive playing style and has been featured in several poker documentaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone become a successful poker player like these celebrities?

A: While anyone can learn to play poker, becoming a successful player takes time, dedication, and practice. These celebrities have spent years honing their skills and developing their strategies.

Q: Is poker a game of luck or skill?

A: Poker is a game of skill that involves strategic thinking, risk assessment, and the ability to read other players. While luck can play a role in individual hands, skilled players are consistently able to make profitable decisions over the long run.

Q: Are there any other celebrities who are skilled poker players?

A: Yes

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