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Human Hair Wigs for Different Face Shapes: Finding the Most Flattering Style

Human Hair Wigs

Would you like to learn more about human hair wigs? When you make the decision to wear a wig you do so hoping that you can find a style that most suits your face shape and personality. You also want to achieve the most natural look possible. The best way of getting the wig you are going to be really happy with is to buy one made from human hair. Take short curly wigs made from human hair, for instance. This style could complement your face shape and one made from human hair will look far more natural than a synthetic wig, allowing you to feel comfortable and even forget you are wearing a wig. Having established that human hair wigs are the superior option, here are some pointers on how to find the most flattering style.

Map out your face shape

You get so used to looking at yourself you might need to verify exactly what your face shape is. A good way of doing that would be to use a recent photo of yourself to trace an outline of yourself using a piece of tracing paper. It is also a good idea to take a measurement from your front hairline to a point just above your ears. Then carry on to the point where your neck bends before going back to your front hairline again.

These measurements will help confirm your face shape and will assist your wig provider. They will often provide further guidance on how to measure your head for a wig if you need it.

Do you have an oval or a square face?

An oval face is often characterized by being narrower at your jaw. You will also often find that the length of your face is about 1.5 times its width when you have an oval face shape. A typical square face features a wide angular jaw that is usually the same width as your forehead.

Which wig is best for my face shape?

If you have an oval face shape you will discover that your choice of wig styles is fairly comprehensive. The reason for this is that because your face is considered symmetrical and doesn’t have any dominant features you will find that most wig styles will be suitable. If you wanted to choose the most flattering style for an oval face it would probably be one that sits away from your face. It works well because this style accentuates your shape.

Your choice of styles is a bit more restricted if you have a square face. It is usually best to avoid a straighter style of wig as it will have the effect of putting too much emphasis on the angles of your face. A good tip, if you have a long face shape, would be to find a wig style that adds height and narrows at the sides. This combination creates the illusion of length.

There are other face shapes, of course, such as round, heart, and long faces. All of these shapes are suited to certain wig styles. Talk to your wig supplier who will be happy to guide you on which style and length will be most flattering for your face shape.

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