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8 Tips for Healthy Hair This Spring

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you might be keen for the Spring to come and its blooming natural colors. Your hair should also gain a fresh life to the new upcoming season so here are 8 tips for healthy hair this Spring. After the harsh months of coldness, your locks suffered as much as your skin did. Hair loss, frizzy head, lack of moisture and lifeless manes it is what often happens to you after the winter season. Even though Spring seem a more radiant idea to your mood, health and fresh air activities, means that your hair also requires special care during this period.

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To have healthy hair is imperative that you ensure the usage of good products. Sometimes quality and price are connected but, nowadays there are cheaper options without losing the quality of the product itself. Since each hair type varies, it is crucial to understand what your hair requires, and which products are your best allies.  Here are a few tips for healthy hair, a brighter shinny hair thats smoother than a well-groomed horse’s mane.

Moisturization is the key to a healthy scalp

Most of the hair issues arise as a problem in your daily life due to one big reason: poor hair care. Using a good shampoo and conditioner will help your locks having a balanced moisture. After a few washes you will notice that your hair is healthier and not so dry. Though, don’t forget the golden rule of a healthy scalp: do not over wash your mane.

This behavior can provoke in your hair lack of natural oils, making it dull and lifeless. Twice a week is the average advised number of cleaning you should apply to your hair. Suitable shampoos for normal hair type are what most of the people use during this season, since the air is more humid.

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Reversing the hair routine

Using the shampoo first and applying the conditioner after might, sometimes, weight your hair down. If this is a problem you have been noticing and facing, don’t be afraid to experiment reversing the process. First apply the conditioner and then the shampoo. The conditioner will add volume and boost the hair while the shampoo cleanses it.

‘New hair, don’t care’

For a brand-new change to the forthcoming season, why don’t you get a new hair cut? Check out the trending styles and choose your Spring look. A good trim eliminates dead and split ends, making your hair bouncy. By the end, your hair will look fresh, healthy and alive.

Give it a new color

If you like to take risks when it comes to your look, change your hair color. With so many brands and shades of color these days, you may choose among this wide range anytime you wish. Dyed hairs last longer if you use the right shampoo and conditioner to keep the shade intact. Consider going for a regular touch-up to keep the color for a longer period.

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Avoid hair styling tools

Enjoy the flow of the season and go easy on the curlers, hair straighteners and crimpers. Hot hair styling products are good for special occasions, but not healthy to your daily life routine. The constant shock of the heart can damage your mane and eliminate the natural moisture of it. After washing your scalp, run your fingers through your locks and allow it to dry naturally for smoother hair. For your natural curls, braid small segments after the hair wash, while it is still damp and dry it naturally. When removing the braids, you will have loose and more natural curls.

Use hair masks to highlight your color

Soaking chamomile overnight in water is an option to a natural homemade hair mask. In the next morning of preparing the solution, strain the chamomile out and infuse your hair with the water. Add some drops of lemon juice and go get some sun on it. The vitamin D plays a key role in activating ingredients to keep your hair healthy.

Watch your diet: ‘we are what we eat’

Watching your diet is All of your health condition is related to the lifestyle you implement. With no doubt, your hair is also linked to the way you treat yourself and to what you eat. Extremely lifeless and damaged hair might be connected to your liver. Ensure you detox your body and hair, every once in a while, for a healthy mane and growth. A cleansing mask, a good scrub or a prickly pear seed oil will work in the detox process of your hair. As for your diet, keep including vegetables, fruits and fish in your nutrition.

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Accessorize your hair

There is no better time than Spring to accessorize your mane with cute details.  Hairbands, clips, braids, ribbons, ponytails, half-buns are always trendy and good options to your fashion style. Keeping your hair away from your face is mandatory, so most of these accessories will help.  We hope you liked reading these tips for healthy hair that will have you looking and feeling amazing this Spring.

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